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Pilgrimage strengthens our common faith

Pilgrimage is fundamental to the Christian experience. By visiting Holy Places we deepen our faith and provide space to reflect on our personal spiritual journey.

Sharing the experience with other people strengthens our sense of community and the common ties which bind us.

Pilgrimage also supports the people who welcome us, the guardians of our common history, who live out our shared faith on holy ground.

Pilgrimage People is a UK based charity dedicated to bringing together Christian people, both visitor and visited, to support and strengthen our common faith. Our dedicated professional team offer a full range of itineraries and a level of customer service that equals the best of the commercial operators.

How we are different is that our profits are used to support projects in health, education and economic development in the Christian communities in the Holy Land.

The Second Vatican Council described the church as a “Pilgrim People”.

We are committed to making this a reality and are passionate that your pilgrimage should provide an opportunity to make a real and lasting contribution to the people that you visit.

To watch a short video about our pilgrimages please click here.

For details of forthcoming pilgrimages visit our “Choose Pilgrimage” page.