Project: Tunes for Peace, Beit Sahour

Tunes for Peace was founded in 2008 in order to bring music to the children, and hope to the parents and families, of Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem.

Life for young people in Bethlehem can be very challenging with few opportunities to safely leave the family home to pursue hobbies, sports or to socialise with friends. Tunes for Peace provides students with the chance to learn a musical instrument. Through regular attendance of classes and practice sessions students are able to develop not only their musical abilities but also their self-confidence and organisational skills.

Many students progress to study traditional Palestinian instruments, such as the Qanun, with the possibility of performing in hotels and restaurants in order to support the community financially while also sustaining their cultural heritage.

Tunes for Peace is open to all students, regardless of ability, religion, or family background. Approximately 70 students currently receive tuition on a variety of instruments including violin, guitar, piano and Qanun. All students are asked to contribute something to the cost of lessons although these charges are reduced, or suspended, in cases of financial hardship.

Life in the UK is very different from Beit Sahour however the emotions of pride, belonging and hope for the future are the same when we all gather together to celebrate the achievements of our young people at their annual concert.

With your help:

Tunes for Peace is a regular destination for our pilgrims. With our support the staff have added two group music classes and five theory classes in order that the young musicians, both Christian and Muslim, can learn to play together. In addition Parishes in the UK have sought to make individual contributions to the project through the purchase of instruments such as the Qanun being played in one of the photographs above.


We can do more:

Tunes for Peace has a long waiting list of students who would like to join their ranks. There are also plans for a summer school to bring together young musicians at a time when they would otherwise be sitting out the heat at home. By travelling with us you help Tunes for Peace bring, structure, friendship and hope to the lives of the young people of Beit Sahour.

If you would like to make a donation please click on the link below.

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