Parish Pilgrimages

We believe that we offer parish groups a unique pilgrimage experience through which they can grow together in their own faith but, more importantly, they can see share in the common faith of the Christian communities who remain, as living stones, in the Holy Land.

In addition to attending a local mass we endeavour to visit schools, hospitals and other community projects in which we can witness, first hand, the unique contributions that Christians make, in our name, in this troubled land. Moreover we make these visits knowing that our brothers and sisters are strengthened not just by our being there but also by the surplus funds that Pilgrimage People donates to these organisations in order that our pilgrimages will leave a lasting legacy for those less fortunate than ourselves

For a sense of what this means please visit this blog which records a recent pilgrimage, organised through Pilgrimage People, by St Paul Parish from Wellsley, near Boston, USA.

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