Organising your pilgrimage

Organising a pilgrimage can certainly seem daunting at first, but it really is quite simple when you have an experienced organisation behind you.

You can watch a short five minute film about a pilgrimage to the Holy Land  by clicking on the picture. This is a trailer for a longer 40 minute DVD presentation we can send you which can be shown to generate interest in your parish, or to the pilgrimage group as a taster of what to expect. If you would like to use the DVD just email us with your postal address and we will send you a copy. We also have a DVD which can be used with school or youth groups.

Getting started: Our advice would always be to begin by talking to members of your community to see if there is a general consensus that a pilgrimage would be a good idea.  People will always ask: “when are we going?” And “how much will it cost?” So, at the outset, feel free to contact us and we can talk about the best time of year to visit your chosen destination and how much the pilgrimage is likely to cost.

If you then feel there is the possibility of organising a group in your community; then, again, get in touch with us and we will look at suggested dates and give you a firm price.

Encouraging participation: We can then send you brochures and booking forms, and a DVD which you can use to encourage people to join the pilgrimage. Don’t forget to use repeatedly your newsletter, and diocesan, parish or community magazine, website and notice boards, to advertise your intended pilgrimage. This will ensure that people can consider this special opportunity.  Pilgrimage People will take care of everything else!

Our office team will take care of booking your flights, hotels, transport in your chosen destination, guiding and entrance fees. We will deal with booking forms, and the deposits and balances.

Four months before you travel we will send everyone detailed information about the flights, the programme, health and safety issues, and local customs – everything that will help your trip to be safe and enjoyable.

A month before departure we will send details again, confirming flights and hotel contact information along with some suggested reading material.  To the group leader we send additional information with local contacts and more detailed travel information for the whole group.

With Pilgrimage People behind you, organising a pilgrimage doesn’t need to be daunting!  Once you have established there is a desire to go, we will do the rest!

For schools pilgrimages we provide a comprehensive risk assessment.

Our minimum group size is 12. However, for individuals, couples and small groups, there may be opportunities to join a Pilgrimage People pilgrimage already planned.  Please contact us about this and we will enquire about possibilities.