Saint John Paul was one of the monumental figures of his age. Influential in the fall of communism his pontificate spanned some 27 years. His Polish roots were never forgotten in his years in Rome and he made several pilgrimages back to his homeland as Pope. The hospitality and beauty of this part of Poland will inspire you as you enjoy spectacular views, beautiful food, and stunning architecture.

You can follow his footsteps as we spend time in his beloved Tatra mountains, visit his birthplace at Wadowice, stroll through the city of Kracow where he was Arch bishop and pray at the national shrine to his memory. We also have a day at the shrine of Our Lady, the Black Madonna; here you can explore the magnificent church, walk the way of the cross, visit the museum and just spend time in prayer.

The extraordinary beauty of this country and its warm welcome will engrave itself on your memory. Your hotel is close to the centre of Kracow alowing you to visit the main square in the evening and enjoy its unique atmosphere. The history of this country has often been turbulent and evidence of recent sorrow is experienced at Auschwitz. Direct flights to Kracow operate from several local UK airports.